Once again, the Georgia National Fair has come to a close.

Workers spent the day tearing down the nation's largest traveling Ferris wheel.

Other worked hard at cleaning up trash around the grrounds.

Vendors cleaned and wiped down their stands getting ready to move to their next event.

Performers, like The Nerveless Nocks took down their stunt show.

Michael Angelo Nock says it's the first time he has performed at the Georgia National Fair

He says the fair ranks up there with other major fairs in North America.

"The Delmar Fair in San Diego, The Texas State Fair in Dallas, or the Calgary Stampede in Canada. So the people in Perry Georgia should be very proud of your world class fair," he mentioned.

Nock says Monday, they are packing up and heading to Sarasota, Florida.

According to Keaton Walker, all vendors, exhibits and rides have to be cleared out by noon on Tuesday.