Georgia Tech's campus has been riddled with activity, not just protests, but robberies as well.

Within the month of September, there have been three separate incidents where students were robbed while walking nearby or on campus.

The first robbery was on September 4, 2017.

Two Georgia Tech students and a Georgia State student were robbed at gunpoint while walking back home. The three students were approached by two suspects on Ethel Street at Mescalin and one of the two suspects brandished a gun.

Two victims gave the robbers their belongings while the third victim ran.

The second robbery happened on September 14, 2017.

Two students walking were approached by two black males on Richards street at Hirsch Street. Both suspects toted handguns and demanded the victims give them their money.

One of the victims told the suspect they did not have cash so the robber proceeded to go through the victims pockets and took their wallet, according to police. Both suspects fled on foot.

The third robbery took place on September 24, 2017.

A staggering seven Georgia Tech students were robbed at gunpoint early that morning. The robbery happened on Mescalin Street near 14th Street.

There were three suspects, all male, and they made off with several phones, credit cards, IDs and keys, according to police.

In all three incidents, the suspects had guns and took belongings from the victims. It has not been confirmed whether or not these robberies are connected in any way.