The GBI says a Baldwin County deputy shot a man by accident Monday and had intended to Tase him instead.

The GBI released more information Tuesday afternoon on the shooting of suspect Jamel Jackson, age 18.

They say the shooting happened around 2:15 p.m. Monday at the 49 West Apartments off Highway 49 in Baldwin County.

According to the GBI release, Deputy Charles Gillis "mistakenly drew his firearm instead of his Taser, firing one shot into Jackson’s arm."

"Deputy Gillis has advised GBI agents that his intent was to use his Taser," the GBI says.

Jackson is recovering at a Macon hospital, where he's expected to be released Tuesday, the GBI says.

Gillis is on leave while the GBI investigates the shooting, according to the release.

Investigators have watched the shooting on video from the three officers' body cams, the GBI says.

The news release gives this account of the shooting:

Initially, one deputy responded to a reported domestic disturbance at the apartment between a mother and son.

Jackson's mother told the officer that her son had struck her. The officer intended to arrest Jackson for battery-family violence, but called for backup when he would not cooperate.

Gillis was one of two deputies who responded for backup. When the three officers tried to arrest Jackson, he resisted again and a scuffle broke out.

That's when Gillis says he intended to Tase Jackson, but shot him instead. No other officers fired weapons and nobody was actually Tased, the GBI says.

The GBI says they also plan to charge Jackson with obstructing an officer.

After the GBI completes its investigation, they plan to turn the case over to District Attorney Stephen Bradley, who will decide whether to take it to a grand jury.