Sunday was one of the last chances to buy supplies before Irma hits Central Georgia Monday.

Many stores across the area are completely sold out of generators while other stores are bringing in extra supplies to meet demands.

People packed into Northern Tool, one of the last places still selling generators.

"We had a line out the door this morning, then we ran out and then we got a new truck so we got busy again," employee Elizabeth Shepard said.

Some spent the day preparing for the storm.

"I picked up some extra grocery items, secured the lawn, got a few things out of the yard," Randy Koester said.

Others are already focused on the aftermath.

Stacey Frerichs and his wife evacuated to Macon from Fort Myers, Florida.

They spent the day getting supplies here before they head back.

"We're taking as much back as we can, you can't get anything there," Frerichs said. "There's not a generator in 300 miles."

Frerichs isn't sure what awaits him when he heads back home.

"We have a house in Marathon, Florida, in the keys, the eye went over that this morning and right now as we speak the eye is aimed up at the Santa Bel Bridge so we might not have a house either place, don't know."

Koester doesn't know what tomorrow will bring here in Macon.

"I'm concerned but not worried," Koester said.

Both men say whatever happens now is out of their control.

"If there's nothing you can do about it, you just gotta ride with it," Koester said.

Northern Tool estimates they sold more than a thousand generators this week. They brought in two truckloads full Sunday alone.