State leaders gave an update Tuesday on Georgia in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency says those who evacuated the state's coast and Florida to remain where they are until local authorities say it's safe to return.

GEMA to Fla., Ga. Irma evacuees: "Remain in place"

Many of those evacuees are still in Central Georgia and that's where GEMA Director Homer Brison urged them to stay. He said those who travel south will run into problems getting fuel.

"Access to fuel will not be guaranteed to those who travel south," Brison said during Tuesday's news conference. He said gas stations in those areas are reporting outages and flooded tanks.

Ga. Power CEO: "It's going to take time getting back to normal"

Georgia Power's president/CEO Paul Bowers said the entire region has been impacted by Hurricane Irma. More than 1 million were without power during its peak Monday. Tuesday morning, 750,000 were without, Bowers said.

Many of those outages were in Central Georgia. As of Tuesday morning, more than 88,000 Georgia Power customer were out here and more than 6,400 Flint Energy customers were out in Houston County. According to Tri-County EMC's website, 8,300 in Putnam County and 5,900 in Jones County were out.

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GDOT: 250 traffic signals around state not working, proceed with caution

Georgia Department of Transportation Commissioner Russell McMurry said during Irma's peak Monday, 1,100 of the state's roads were closed. During Tuesday's news conference with Gov. Nathan Deal, McMurry said only 179 roads remained closed.

McMurry said a problem they're dealing with Tuesday are 250 traffic signals around the state are down, 150 of which are missing, he said.

McMurry urged all drivers entering those intersections to treat it as a four-way stop.

Gov. Deal on Irma: "This is a different kind of natural disaster"