In college, you may have played an intramural or two, but what about 10?

Nicole Butler met up with a Georgia College student whose passion for intramurals lead to him being named the winningest intramural player of all time in our nation's history.

From Ultimate Frisbee to flag football, Nathan Vickroy gives his all.

"I was planning on just playing one or two my freshman year. Then my sophomore year, I got hooked and I played about 12, I think, my sophomore fall semester, so ever since then, I got addicted," Vickroy says.

Vickroy's a senior from Kennesaw, plays 10 different sports, and averages playing on 18 teams a semester.

He says it's simple. He schedules all of his classes in the morning.

"And so my nights are pretty free and there's nothing more I love to do than come out to these fields and play intramurals at night," Vickroy says.

IM Leagues, a website that tracks intramural sports, calls Vickroy the "winningest intramural player of all time" in the nation's history, dominating from the field to the court.

Vickroy has won 46 championships so far and has won 634 games in four years, meaning that his team won 78 percent of the games he's played.

"I couldn't go D1 or D2 or even D3 in a collegiate sport, but I knew I still wanted to use those gifts that God gave me to the fullest," he says.

Georgia College Recreation Sports director, Bert Rosenberger, says it's nothing for Vickroy to play five games back-to-back in one night.

"It's actually really hard to win across all sports. He's not a one-sport wonder. I mean, every single sport, you'll find Vickroy in a championship," Rosenberger says.

And Vickroy says he's not ready to leave rec sports behind just yet.

"Well, I'm actually staying another year to get my Masters, in order to play more intramurals, and get my Masters, but mainly to play more intramurals," Vickroy says.

Vickroy says his next goal is becoming a teacher and coach at a high school.

If you'd like to see Vickroy in action, his first softball game starts at 8, the other starts at 9, flag football is at 10:30, and frisbee begins at 11 Tuesday. All of this happening at the Georgia College Intramural fields.