Wednesday night, Georgia College students held an open forum for candidates running for a seat in the Georgia House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

Dozens of students and community members attended this town hall hosted by the Georgia College American Democracy Project, a non-partisan student organization aimed at informing voters.

Floyd Griffin and Rick Williams are running for House Representative of District 145, the area that covers Baldwin and Putnam County.

Griffin, who is running on the Democratic ticket, says if he is elected in November, he plans to pass a Medicaid expansion bill, create jobs, and keep the community up to date with his improvements.

"Being transparent, having town hall meetings, and using our website and communicating with the community and keeping them informed of what's going on," says Griffin.

Republican Ricky Williams says he is a business man and agrees that creating jobs in Baldwin and Putnam Counties is crucial. He says he is also focused on creating a tax credit for those paying for college tuition. He says if he makes it to Atlanta he is confident that he will be the best representative for the job.

"Anyone can get elected anyone can go to Atlanta, but the thing is when you get there, you've got to be effective, you've got to be able to meet with people and to be a diplomat, and that's what I will be with this area is a diplomat," says Williams.

After Griffin and William finished answering questions at the forum, two of the candidates running for the Georgia U.S. Senate seat addressed the crowd.

Democrat. Jim Barksdale says he is most concerned about keeping our economy "moving," and would like to increase minimum wage.

"We have been all over the state, we have been getting a great response. Senator Isakson continues to poll below 50 percent, and Georgians are ready for a change," says Barksdale.

Senator Johnny Isakson, the Republican incumbent, could not make it to Wednesday's discussion at Georgia College.

Libertarian candidate, Allen Buckley, agreed that Georgian's are ready for a change and says if elected he will focus on fixing our country's national debt and balance budgets.

"If I get elected, our state sends the country in a whole new direction, one that works indefinitely. Everyone says, 'We get it. We're willing to make more sacrifices, we're going to send this guy up to D.C. to fight for us," says Buckley.

Election Day is November 8th.