Georgia Military College hosted Dublin's inaugural Veterans Day parade Saturday afternoon.

Veterans came dressed in their ribbons with smiles on their faces as they were honored.

ROTC students and band members decked out in their uniforms practiced as they got ready to celebrate those who fought for our country.

Floats, golf carts, and even corvettes geared up to hit the road for the parade.

GMC’s media and public relations chairwoman, Ashley Thompson, says the turnout exceeded expectations.

“We had set a goal of having 70 entries. As of today, we had 89 entries and we are so excited about that,” said Thompson.

89 entries from servicemen and women of all branches.

Levi McKenna was a Corporal in the Marines and was deployed in the Gulf War as part of Operation Desert Storm.

McKenna says he's proud to be a veteran and proud to have fought to allow parades like this to happen.

“Because of what we do, we have the freedom to do everything else, you know? Because of what we did, we have the freedom to do what we want,” said McKenna.

Thompson hopes they keep this tradition going next year.