James Farmer's home is located in Perry and is named Farm Dale Cottage. His home, like his business, is a combination of traditional elements with a youthful twist.

Farmer says, "If 50 years ago, I was writing about fried chicken and setting a table with your grandmother's china, who would know about it? Because there was no Instagram, no Facebook."

Thanks in part to social media, the lifestyle guru has grown his business that includes designing homes, writing books, and traveling the country sharing southern history and heritage from a design point of view. The oldest of three children, Farmer's family is well known in this part of Georgia, and while he loves his family, after graduating from Auburn, Farmer knew he wanted to be a success on his own.

"They didn't call me just because that's so and so's son. They knew that James had this talent and they invested in me and I feel staying was part of that testament."

And the Georgia National Fair holds a special place in Farmer's heart. "I love going to see the paintings and the quilts. I love seeing the flower competitions, and even as a young child, our grandparents would take us. It was a rite of passage at the fair."