The Georgia National Fair is fun for the whole family, but it can also be a big hit to the wallet.

The Alverson family found that out the hard way when they couldn't afford to take their daughter one year.

After that, six-year-old Izabell Alverson took matters into her own hands and started saving year-round to make sure she never missed a fair again.

Her mom Alysha says Izabell's committed to the task.

When the Dogwood Festival comes and she's tempted to spend her money there, Alysha tells her daughter, "Well you can take money from the fair or you don't do it.”

Izabell usually says “No, it'll be okay. I'll save my money for the fair.'"

She says her love for the fair is beyond reason.

"I don't have a reason; I just love it,” said Izabell.

As frugal as Izabell is, her mother still has to do some saving too.

She says watching her daughter enjoy the fair makes it all worth it.

In all, Izabell's saved more than $50 this year.