The Georgia Power Plant Branch in Milledgeville doesn’t look like it used to.

Over the weekend, Georgia Power blew up another portion of the facility as a part of it’s demolition process.

On Tuesday, Georgia Power told us what's next in clearing the site.

Bill DeFore has lived in Milledgeville on and off since the 90s.

He and his wife now live on lake Sinclair.

By now, he knows his way home, but DeFore says he misses seeing a landmark on his way in.

“You know you’re almost home when you seen the towers," DeFor said.

The towers he’s referring to are the smoke stacks at the Georgia Power Plant Branch in Milledgeville. \

The last one was demolished in October of last year, and another section was imploded over the weekend, as a part of the demolition process after the plant closed in April of 2015.

“This plant served Georgia and served the area from 1965 to 2015," John Kraft said. "So it certainly had a long and productive history.”

Georgia Power Spokesman, John Kraft, says when the plant announced it’s closing in 2015, there were about 230 employees. Now there is no full time staff, just security guards and crews that assist in the demolition.

He says the next step in that process is continue cleaning up the debris from over the weekend.

"There are some additional structures there that we need to continue, or finalize taking down," Kraft said. "So there’s a good deal of work that will go on for the remaining months of this year.”

But, once the site is cleared, Kraft says Georgia Power hasn’t decided what they’ll do with the property.

“There are a number of things being considered, nothing has been decided yet," Kraft said. "I think all of that will have to wait til the demolition is complete.”

DeFor says whatever they do with the land, he says he hopes it benefits the community.

“I hope they do something to help the community, you know, not just Georgia Power but to help Milledgeville and the people living here," DeFor said.

Kraft says Georgia Power does not have a date for completion but they plan to continue demolition throughout the end of the year.