The Georgia Public Safety Training Center celebrated its 30-year anniversary Saturday by sharing demonstrations from law enforcement and the fire department.

The event began at 10 a.m. with a ribbon cutting and after, guests were transported around the facility in buses to each demonstration.

Firefighters took on burning buildings, while the police academy demonstrated high speed chases and practiced their aim on targets.

The GBI even got to show off some of their tools, which included a robot they use to blast open doors.

Bradley Mckinney from the GSPTC says it's always a good time to get to show off their training.

"Of course it’s fun, it's not as dangerous as everybody thinks. Everyone still has all ten fingers…it’s a blast,” said Mckinney.

Though Saturday was a celebration, Lt. John Hutcheson says he hopes to make law enforcement more human through those demonstrations.

"Well it brings the human factor into it and lets the public see what goes behind training. It lets them know that there's more than just a Monday morning quarterback in a situation that puts you as the public in those situations to where you can see what the officers and the firefighters are dealing with on a case by case scenario,” said Hutcheson.

Scenarios that Hutcheson says aren't a matter of if they'll happen, but when.

The facility hopes to be able to do this celebration for many more years to come.