With Hurricane Harvey set to hit Texas hard this weekend, many people were traveling and stopped at the rest areas in Macon-Bibb County. At rest stop number 19 along I-475, cars filed in.

Some people talked about having relatives in Texas who are preparing for the big hurricane this weekend. Jamey Williams says they are from Tennessee but were traveling back from seeing family in Florida.

He says he remembers preparing for Hurricane Katrina and has some tips for those bracing for the heavy weather.

"I left like a day before the bus stations and stuff closed down and we were already getting water surges and stuff at that point. Get plenty of water and fill your tank up and get out of there, and don't wait for the last minute like most people do. Just hope for the best and cross your fingers you know,” says Williams.

The company, GasBuddy, says the Hurricane is expected to affect refineries and fuel production as major refineries shut down in places like Corpus Christi. GasBuddy says this is the first hurricane to hit Texas directly since Hurricane Ike in 2008.