If you want to vote for the next president, you need to register immediately.

The Georgia voter registration deadline is Tuesday, October 11.

One Macon grandpa understands the urgency.

“I'm here today to -- I brought my grandson, who just turned 18 today, and he needs to come out here and register to vote,” said Chester Brown proudly.

He said young people have a responsibility to vote and have a hand in what all their governments do, local or national.

His grandson just joined the National Guard Reserves, so for him, he's picking a boss in November.

“Not only to put in for who controls your check, but to just put your hand into who controls your government, the country you live in, and as I see it, especially in Macon, people tend to complain but don't have much to do about it,” said Brandon Gastin after registering.

To register in the state of Georgia you need to be 18 years or older, a resident of the state, and you'll have to bring a government issued photo ID.

Brown has voted in every election in the past 52 years, but he still remembers the first back in 1964.

“That was back in a time when I finished high school in 1962 and voted in the election 2 years later,” said Brown.

Brown also says this election season is very “up and down” and said he wished the candidates would spend more time talking about policy instead of getting personal.

On November 8, his grandson will follow in his footsteps and vote in his first election. Gastin says the biggest issues he’s focusing on are healthcare, education, and the military.

This time it’ll be the 2016 version between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

You will not be allowed to vote in the November election if you do not register by Tuesday night. For registration hours and locations, check with your local board of election.