A tense meeting between Peach County representatives and the GHSA Board of Trustees over the controversial call made in the fourth quarter of the 3A title game ended with little to no resolution for Trojans fans.

For roughly the first 20 minutes of the 45 minute meeting, Coach Chad Campbell recounted the call many football fans around the United States have seen in recent weeks.

"On December 8th during the 3-A championship a blatant, astronomical mistake was made," said Campbell.

Peach County had the ball with 3:41 remaining, and on fourth down decided to take a shot towards the end zone. Noah Whittington caught the pass, and his knee was down at about the 1-yard line. As he extended the ball towards the end zone, it popped out as he hit the ground. The referee ruled it incomplete.

"Our player caught the ball at the 6 yard line.... established control of the ball, possession of the ball, ran 3 steps with it... had it tucked... and then reach over the goal line," said Campbell.

Campbell called on the board to correct the mistake made by the officiator and asked to replay the final three minutes of the game.

He said if that was not possible, they want to be considered co-champions with Calhoun.

"They'll consider your suggestions for improving the game and the rules.. but there just is no appeal in this judgment call," said the board's attorney.

But Campbell says he's not appealing the incomplete pass call. Instead, he's appealing a "misapplication of rules" by the officials and questioning their interpretation of the "catch."

That's because according to GHSA standards rulings made by officials cannot be overturned.

"Hopefully they heard me, and heard what I had to say. And hopefully we will come to a conclusion that's for the betterment of these kids," said Campbell.

But when media spoke to GHSA Executive Director, Robin Hines, after the meeting he said that the AAA championship is "over," and Campbell's suggestions were "never under consideration."

The board said they'd talk about the issue at the next meeting, but when they were pressed by members of the Peach County community, they didn't say when exactly that would be nor did they give any indication of what their decision would be.