More than 100 bobby pins, hairspray, makeup, and a dress fit for a queen. That's how Krystyn Major spent her day, preparing for Mary Persons High School's homecoming court. Major says she was diagnosed with autism in elementary school. Claire Davis spent the day with her to hear her story that's Straight from the Heart.

The day started off early for Mary Persons High School senior Krystyn Major. “I feel like a queen,” said Major.

She's getting her hair, nails and makeup done at Signature Salon in Macon. Major says she was nominated for homecoming queen by her fellow classmates. “On the intercom about a week or two later my name came up and I was like, I was really surprised,” said Major.

But what makes her story different.,“Actually just found out I had autism back when I was in elementary school,” said Major.

That hasn't stopped the 18-year-old from achieving her goals. “I actually want to try and pursue a career in nursing because last year and in my tenth grade year I took health care classes,” said Major.

She says at first she was a little worried about the nomination. “Well to be completely honest I don't really care if I win because like I said I’m actually just doing this for fun,” said Major.

But if she does win. “I'll actually be the only person in my family to ever be nominated for the homecoming court and to be crowned,” said Major.

From her hair, to makeup. Major says she's ready for her big night. “God made me who I am, and though I may be different, I'm still me,” said Major.

Mary Persons High School will crown a homecoming queen and king tonight at their football game. The game kicks off at 7:30 pm at Dan Pitts Stadium in Forsyth.