The Robins Air Force Base celebrated a milestone Thursday.

The RQ4 Global Hawk drone is ready for its next mission, thanks to a new paint job and other repairs made at the base. Our Yvonne Thomas attended the ribbon cutting ceremony to take a look at the aircrafts.

“It's a big deal to Robins Air Force Base. It's a big deal to our Program Office. It's a big deal to Middle Georgia,” said General John Kubinec. "And it's an even bigger deal to the men and women who fight for our country. The Global Hawk helps provide that unblinking eye that our air force provides to our unblinking partners."

The military uses the R-Q-4 Global Hawk for intelligence and surveillance. So when the aircraft landed at the Robins Air Force Base in May for repairs, General Kubinec says dozens on the base stepped up to the challenge. “Our team was motivated and they were excited to bring this work load on.”

About 20 painters spent hours painting the aircraft to prevent erosion and deterioration.

“The main challenges were to get the surface of the aircraft smooth,” said Erek Gautney, C130 painter. “We had a day shift crew and a night shift crew working on this. It was definitely a learning curve for us.”

Crews also made repairs to the wings to ensure a safe mission.

“That enables this aircraft to get on station quicker and to stay on station longer and to provide to those in harms way,” Kubinec said.

And as leaders cut the ribbon of this finished project, many say this is only the beginning of the projects to come.

“We're looking to bring the next one in here,” he said. “We should have it later on this year. We're excited about the future. This is just the beginning chapter of our history here at Robins."

The Global Hawk was the first unmanned drone to land at any Air Force Air Logistics Complex. The drone is scheduled to take off from Robins for its next mission in just a few days.