19-year-old Kira Mantey is working on her general studies courses online at Georgia Military College, but she's also running her own business.

"Since 2015 I had -- it's kind of weird -- I had a dream and I was kind of teaching in a place like this where I was just teaching my own classes and I was like, 'I want to open my own dance studio,'" Mantey said. "So since then, I've been looking for opportunities to be able to do it myself."

This year, she got her chance. A business left their space on East McCarty Street in Sandersville, and Mantey knew she had to jump on it.

"We live in a small town and there's nothing like this to do here, so I took it upon myself and I said, 'There needs to be something for kids to do,'" Mantey said.

And from there In Step Studio set up shop. This is Mantey's second week of dance classes and she says she already has more students enrolled than she expected.

She says she's always been disciplined when it comes to school, but her key to success is balance.

"You need to have two separate people," Mantey said. "You need to have your business Kira and your Kira Kira. I separate the two and I don't mix them."

And parent of one of Mantey's students, Anna Hodges, says she does a good job of that.

"When I found out she was opening up a studio, I was absolutely enthralled to have someone so great with the kids and so close, we're really blessed to have her in a small town," Hodges said.

Mantey says she's looking forward to growing her business while furthering her college career as well.

"I've always had confidence in it. I still do," Mantey said.

Mantey says she wants to continue her education at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville and eventually become a high school teacher. She says she wants to maintain her dance studio while teaching.