The American Childhood Cancer Organization says a little more than 15,000 children between birth and age 19 are diagnosed with cancer each year. Nicole Butler went to Navicent Health's Go Bald or Go Home event to see how some adults and kids are taking a stand against cancer.

This is no ordinary haircut.

You may be seeing a few more shaved heads around town, and it's all to raise awareness for childhood cancer.

"I can only imagine the devastation for them to be told that the treatments that could save their lives are also going to make them lose their hair," nurse Tina Murray says.

Murray was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and says she's excited to stand in unity with the children.

"Having my head shaved today is a choice for me, but those children who have to go through the chemotherapy don't get that choice," Murray says.

Children like 10-year-old Ja'Niyah Williams. She says she was diagnosed with Leukemia just one month after her birthday.

"It felt scary because I didn't know what was wrong with me. My momma had to take me back and forth to the doctor," Ja'Niyah says.

Ja'Niyah says this event is close to her heart.

"It felt like me when I first lost my hair and my uncle LB was shaving it," she says.

Jumping at the chance to shave heads, Ja'Niyah gets to work.

Her mother, Shar'ron says admires her child's strength and says Ja'Niyah always makes the hard moments positive.

"She goes, 'Mom, I'm not worried. I haven't been worried since I got here,' and I sucked up all my tears then and said, 'It's time. We're going to kick this thing's butt," Shar'ron says.

And that's what she's been doing, Ja'Niyah has been in remission since May 19th and hopes these new hairdos inspire even more people to Go Bald or Go Home.

Each of the 13 people that took part were sponsored for the event and all of that money will be going toward childhood cancer research.

If you'd like to donate click here and make sure you include "Go Bald" in the donation forms section.