Patrick Wilcher says his dad and his brother served in the military, but his patriotism does not stop there. He and his wife, Robust Wilcher, filled their yard with red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July, and although they make a special display for each holiday, they say this one is special because of their unending pride for their country.

"We've always been patriotic. We thank God for our freedoms, so we thank God for the people who serve who allow us to have those freedoms," he said.

He says each holiday, his wife uses her creativity to produce the displays, and she's been doing it since they got married 29 years ago. He says she tells him where to place items, but the creativity is all hers.

Everyone's favorite piece for the current display is the Statue of Liberty. She says it all started with an old coat rack, and the dress for the statue is a king-size bed sheet.

Moreover, the couple says they have never been to the actual Statue of Liberty, but they have plans to go this year.

Robust Wilcher says all in all, it's about the enjoyment and spreading their pride for their country. She added her goal is to one day use her creativity and the items she uses for her displays to open a museum diner.