Storms battered Central Georgia Monday afternoon, hitting the city of Gordon in Wilkinson County hard.

“I didn’t have time to get scared. It was over too fast,” James Hartzog said.

He owns J and J Industrial Tools and Supplies on Macon Road. His employee Richard Garrett was welding when the storm hit.

“I could just feel the building shaking. I kind of felt part of the building collapse,” Garrett said. “I grabbed onto the forklift, I pulled my welding hood down, and it was blowing debris all over the building.”

When the dust cleared he saw the front and back brick walls of his workplace were gone.

“I would have never thought a brick building would get damage like this,” Garrett said.

Hartzog says he thinks the storm did more than $100,000 worth of damage to his shop.

Both his and Garrett’s trucks were crushed by the front wall falling.

“You can’t believe it, you come to a place every day and now it’s not there anymore,” Garrett said.

Hartzog's just thankful he, his wife, and Garrett who were all inside at the time escaped safely.

“We were very fortunate, we thank God about that, got to he’s the only thing that really saved us in there,” Hartzog said.

County EMA director Gary Brown says nobody was injured in Monday afternoon's storm, but they have several trees down throughout the county.