The new year brings about change for many of us, and in Gordon, it means a new mayor and a few city council members.

Tuesday night, the city swore in Kenneth Turner as mayor, and swore in three city council members, Rose Lawrence, Phyllis Payne, Bruce Daniel.

For the last four years, the city of Gordon was in the spotlight.

“This is my home,” Alicia Floyd said. “To sit here and watch my home go as it has been, it hurts deep.”

Floyd attributes that hurt to the tenure of former mayor Mary Whipple-Lue. Under her watch, the city paid several settlements from lawsuits, and blew through almost $1 million in reserve funds.

“It’s like watching a child you love go bad,” Mayor Kenneth Turner said. “Something that you love, your city, is not progressing, the finances are eroding away.”

His first priority is getting control of the city’s finances. He says right now, they are spending more than they are bringing in.

“Short term, we do have a cash flow issue, but that’s one, by good management, we can deal with,” Turner said. “We do have to address the issues with the water and sewer system, and we will be addressing those in the next 30 to 45 days.”

On top of that, the city lost its insurance, but Turner says they are already applying to get it back.

“Without liability insurance, we don’t have the coverage in case something happens,” Turner said.
That brings comfort to people like Floyd.

“I’m ready for the city to get back on track, and I think this is our start,” Floyd.