People in Gordon are busy cleaning up from Monday's storms. That's in Wilkinson County. 

Nicole Butler spent the day there talking to businesses around town about how they are recovering from the destruction.

"Come to find out some large trees have landed on the building," says Dexter Burney.

Burney was renovating this building when the storm came through destroying his progress, and now he's dreading the second wave of storms hitting on Wednesday.

"Well, if we have another tree hit the building in its current state, it would be a total disaster. It would be a total loss," Burney says.

The team is working hard to clean up the debris, and right next door, Kevin Dennard says he and his wife were in shock when he saw what the storm left in its wake.

"When she looked out the front door she said, 'There's no damage, not that much.' When I looked out the back door, we had all of this. I said, 'You're looking in the wrong direction. You need to come back here,'" Kevin Dennard says.

Dennard's floral shop was virtually untouched.

However, cleaning up wasn't easy. The surrounding buildings that were destroyed blew debris into his parking lot.

He says people have been coming around to see if they needed help, and he says he's proud of his city coming together.

"Anything they can do to try and help clear out the devastation, see what the extent of the damage was, and it's really nice to see the community coming together as a whole," Dennard says.

Dennard says he's been trying to help out where he can and give away some flowers to bring smiles to the community.

"It's not going to hide what's going on, but it's a step that, 'Hey, look we're still here. We're still trying to help out, we're still trying to make people smile in the middle of this devastation,'" Dennard says.

Dennard says right now they are working on preparing for the storm that'll heading that way Wednesday.

We also spoke with Gordon's police Chief Mike Hall.

He says that in his 30 years working in  Gordon, he has never seen this kind of devastation.