New indictments brought some minor changes in the murder case against two Houston County teens.

A Houston Grand Jury this week returned new indictments against Brandon Warren and Dakota White.

They're accused of killing 18-year-old Samuel Poss last October by stabbing him and strangling him with a cord.

They were first indicted back in November.

Two changes in the new indictments: Prosecutors dropped an aggravated assault against the pair.

They also changed the wording of the charges to drop the allegation that they also smothered Poss with a plastic bag.

White and Warren are accused of burying his body in woods near Perry and trying to hide the knives they used.

So far authorities have not stated a motive for the killing.

Warren and White remain in the Houston County jail and no trial date has been set.

We reached out to District Attorney George Hartwig for an explanation of the new charges. He could not be reached for comment.