A viewer sent in photos of grave sites at Evergreen Cemetery in south Bibb County, apparently vandalized.

"I seen on Facebook all the vandalism that was going, so I came to check it out for myself," Rick Tanner said.

Rick Tanner saw this post on the 13WMAZ Facebook page about vandalized grave sites at Evergreen Cemetery in south Macon.

His wife is buried here.

"That's a lot of money that we pay for these graves, a lot of money for these headstones," Tanner said. "It's just upsetting."

Carla Napier's mother is buried at Evergreen.

"I can't describe it," Napier said. "All I could do was cry. Just to try to figure out why, who?"

Tuesday, she called for a Bibb County Sheriff's deputy when she saw the damaged grave sites.

"I ask him, 'Will you please come out and look at the damage?' He says, 'I've already seen it,' and he leaves," Napier said.

On Wednesday, Diane Pickett says she had the same problem with the same deputy.

"The officer acted like he didn't even want to be here, said it had already been reported multiple times," Pickett said.

Bibb County Sheriff's Captain Brad Wolfe says just one complaint was filed about Evergreen on July 2nd, reporting damage to 25 grave sites.

"No suspect information, we don't even know when it happened," Wolfe said. "It was just discovered on that day. No surveillance camera, no nothing. No solvability factors."

He says they're working to contact the owners of the damaged plots to see if there are more.

Wolfe says he'll also follow up on how the deputy handled this week's complaints.

"Of course, we'll talk to him and let him know, look, a little more sensitivity, especially with grave sites, personal property, things that have a personal meaning to people, we certainly don't want to have a flippant attitude and act like we don't care," Wolfe said.

But people who have loved ones here say they just want people to remember, just because these people are gone, they're not forgotten.