This weekend, an annual culinary tradition takes to McCrackin Street in Monroe County.

The Whistle Stop Cafe that came to life after the movie,"Fried Green Tomatoes," will double up their 'mater production for the festival this weekend. Elizabeth Bryant took over the restaurant fifteen years ago, which was ten years after the movie originally came out.

“My favorite thing on the menu is something my mom came up with is a fried green tomato salad," she explained.

Bryant says now the reputation for this tiny town is twofold.

“When I got here, it was more of the movie, but it turned into a steady clientele, and now all over visitors so about 75 percent is our normal clientele, and about 25 percent follow the movie,” she figured.

There's not a lot of space for the thousands of folks and fifty vendors that pile in for all the fun on Saturday and Sunday. But fair chairman Tommy Moon has a plan.

“Parking is our worst problem, but we will have one parking lot across the street and one across the railroad,”

He seems to have it all under control, so we drilled him on how many maters he has to eat to keep his lofty position.

“Two order," he said while chuckling. "If I have time to eat one, I'll be doing good.”

Busy shop owners and a bustling town -- it's a scene that Idgy and Ruth would have approved of.

Juliette is about 12 miles out of Macon. Just take Riverside Drive all the way into Monroe County.

Elizabeth Bryant said her restaurant and the town got a bump when they participated in the Atlanta Film Festival this year.

The festival is all day Saturday and Sunday.