Familiar sounds to Gregg Allman fans filled the Cox Capitol Theater Thursday night, as Allman's former lead guitarist and musical director played a concert in his honor.

The night didn't just end when the music stopped. Fans were treated to an emotional film made just weeks after the rock and roll star's death.

Scott Sharrard and The Brickyard Band entertained a large crowd at the Cox Capitol Theater.

"I played here a few times with Gregg," says Sharrard.

For the last decade Sharrard served as Gregg Allman's musical director, lead guitarist, and friend.

"I was introduced to this city by Gregg… Every time I come to Macon it's always like a musical pilgrimage."

One of the last times he was in town was for Allman's funeral.

"I was in a very vulnerable emotional state and I didn't realize how vulnerable it was," says Sharrard.

Just weeks later he performed for a small crowd in New York, sharing memories over the years with Gregg.

"I realized in the moment this was kind of a memorial I was creating"

The intimate performance was filmed, and turned into a documentary that people in Macon got to experience Thursday night.

And even though the "Midnight Rider" is gone, Sharrard says it's people like himself who need to make sure the legend lives on.

"Now it's just us and to be able to come down here and do this and honor Gregg at the same time is wonderful. Were pumped. Were ready to jam," says Sharrard.

On Saturday Sharrard will be performing in Atlanta with the other members of the Gregg Allman Band for the first time since Gregg's death.