The second official Float Daze took place Sunday at Amerson River Park.

People filled the parking lot -- where they blew up rafts -- and made their way to the river in an effort to get rid of trash in the Ocmulgee.

It wasn't only people who came out to help out, but some furry friends too.

Robert Jackson helped organize the event and says he's surprised at how popular it has gotten after only one run and is looking forward to beating the amount of trash they picked up last month.

“We picked up over 100 pounds of trash last month. I want more than that… I want 110, 120 pounds of trash. It's out there,” said Jackson. “Last time we were out here doing the river cleanup we found a dry bag with two iPhone 7's in it that had been underwater for two weeks in the mud. We pulled them out, charged them up and returned them to their owners.”

Jackson says he will coordinate an official Float Daze once a month.

To find out the next day, click here for their Facebook page.