People gathered at the site of the Confederate memorial statue on Cotton Avenue in Macon for what they call a "Teach-In" demonstration.

According to a post by organizer Danny Glover, their goal is to convince officials to move Macon's Confederate statues to Rose Hill Cemetery. Four additional people showed up to the rally including former Macon Mayor C. Jack Ellis. At least 15 sheriff's deputies were on hand to keep the peace.

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"We're saying is that over half of the population in this city happens to be African American. Most of us find it offensive," Ellis said.

Glover says while they wait for the monument to be moved, they would like the memorials to be covered up in an effort to "decimate symbols of hate from Macon-Bibb County as quickly as possible."

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He claims that the monument has only been in its current location for 50 years. Before that, it was in front of the courthouse. "We're not looking to destroy it, we're looking to put it in its rightful place," Glover said.

He admits moving the statue won't end racism. "The symbols of racism don't have to be in our faces, they don't have to be in prominent public places," Glover said. "There is no other country in the world where the losing group has been honored, in which the Civil War and the Confederacy are in our country."

Andy Aultman was just passing by the demonstration, but thinks Confederate monuments should stay right where they are. He says he doesn't understand how a statue can cause so much bitterness and hate.

"As much as it saddens me, if I thought for one minute it would take the hatred out of people's hearts and make things good, I would vote to take them down, but I don't believe that," Aultman said.