A day at the park usually consists of picnics, playing sports and relaxing.

But some people say it is hard to enjoy Delores A. Brooks Park in Macon because of a sewage problem.

That is why Bibb County Commissioners approved hiring an engineer to look at the park after several community members complained about issues at the park.

Daytroy Green says he grew up playing baseball at the park, but he says not everything at the park is a perfect catch.

“Like it’s all muddy and wet and you can’t play on it,” said Green.

Green says when it rains, the fields flood which leads to delays.

“The c-ball team. They got to go to that field, and they got to move the bases,” said Green.

So that’s why the East Macon Youth League is pitching some changes to Bibb County officials.

Vice president of the league Crystal Peck says they are not only having problems with drainage on the fields.

“When they did construction, they tiled over the drains, so the drains created pressure problem for the concession stand. When they flush the toilets, the sewage comes up in the drains at the concession stands,” said Peck.

Peck says they have to shut down the concession stands and wait for someone from the county to come help.

She they work with about 300 kids, but the delays affect more than just those on the league.

“This is so important to not only us, but to the park itself because other divisions use this area besides East Macon Youth League,” said Peck.

According to a county agreement, there is more than $900,000 of SPLOST funds allocated for this park.