Soon, there could be a new place to get fresh produce in Macon. A local group is working to build a community garden and farm in south Macon.

At the end of Macon’s Knott Street Lane is the place Jerome Moss has called home for 15 years.

“Oh yeah, everybody in the neighborhood had a garden,” says Moss.

But over time, Moss says weeds filled the gardens and blight took the place of neighbors.

“A lot of changes, like they're used to be houses all through here, but now it’s a vacant jungle,” says Moss.

Moss says hearing that there are plans for a community garden across the street from his house feels like a breath of fresh air.

“I think they're going to bring the community back together. It'll give the kids something to do around here,” says Moss.

Moss says the garden could help keep kids off of the streets and teach them important lessons. Danny Glover says he learned lessons from gardening when he was a boy in the neighborhood.

“I would go run down the street and say, ‘Hey, Ms. Jones. My grandma says can I have some peppers.’ She'd give me some peppers,” says Glover.

Glover is a part of a neighborhood development corporation working to bring back the south side of Second Street.

“Walk through the garden, walk pass the Peace Plaza, and next thing you know, you're in the urban farm,” says Glover explain the project.

The group wants to take seven blighted properties and turn it into a farm where people could get fresh produce and eat at a farm to table restaurant.

“We want this to be an asset to not only neighbors in this community but to the community at large,” says Glover, an improvement that Moss says could not only help his neighborhood, but also give him a place to get back to the farming he used to do.

“I'm thinking about a good spot already. I'm just waiting for it,” says Moss.

Tuesday, Bibb commissioners agreed to give their support for the garden in a written letter. Glover says that is a requirement to apply for a $500,000 grant that would help start the project.