Hancock Animal Friends Incorporated is a non-profit organization in Sparta.

The group formed due to the amount of stray animals roaming around Hancock County.

Martha Harris, president of Hancock Animal Friends Inc., says she's had to rescue dogs left in the dumpster plenty of times and seen dogs roaming around.

“In the U.S., 4 million dogs and cats get put down because people in this country don’t do the right thing. So, our county is no different than a lot of counties,” said Harris.

This non-profit offers reduced spaying and neutering for animals, and catches dogs and cats roaming around the county.

“We take two or three calls a week from people all over the county. Who have problems. Oh a dog came under my porch and it had babies what do I do? Or my dog needs spay and neuter. ‘What do I do? Can you help us?’” said Harris.

Since she started five years ago, her organization helped rescue over 730 dogs and cats animal lover and member of the organization Jim Read says fundraisers like Dogtober raises money for the cause.

“Every creatures got there and dogs to a degree can get by fairly well in the wild, but it's a whole a lot nicer if they got a place to lay there head,” said Harris.

But they need a little more help. Harris along with her organization wants city officials to provide animal catchers and to create a partnership between the City of Sparta and the Animal Control in McDuffie, an animal shelter willing to house stray animals.

“If we can get our government officials to get serious. I mean I would love to have this statewide,” said Read.

We need encouragement. It’s such an overwhelming thing to look after these animals and to get people to do the right thing. That if we can get our government officials to get serious.

They have a goal of $3,000, and WMAZ last checked, they raised nearly $2,000.

If you would like to donate, contact Martha Harris at 478-357-6442.