One of the men accused of killing two state corrections officers on an inmate transport bus appeared in court Friday for a preliminary hearing. Ricky Allen Dubose is one of the two inmates charged with killing Sergeants Curtis Billue and Christopher Monica in June.

Ricky Allen Dubose walked into the courtroom wearing handcuffs, a chain belt, and a white prison jumpsuit. “I see at least four new media outlets that have cameras and that are photographing my client,” said Gabrielle Pittman, defense attorney.

Defense attorney Gabrielle Pittman began arguing two points -- that it would taint the potential jury pool if Dubose had to wear prison clothes in court, and if the media is allowed to film or record court proceedings. She filed motions asking to allow Dubose to wear civilian clothes in court and to keep cameras out. Those are two of the dozen motions filed before the hearing.“

The irony here is that should anybody be chosen to serve on the jury., they're going to know that everything took place by a GDC inmate which the defendant was at the time,” said Stephen Bradley, District Attorney.

District Attorney Steven Bradley had no objections to Dubose wearing civilian clothes. Judge Alison Burleson granted that request. But Bradley said the decision to ban the media is up to the judge and she did not rule on that motion.

The state also handed over five boxes of evidence to the defense. “The greatest tragedy of today is trust,” said Bruce Billue. Sergeant Curtis Billue's family was in court with a message of their own. “The end result that I want more than anything else is justice. I do not want his life to be lived in vain,” said Denise Billue.

Dubose is scheduled to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty in this case on January 5th. Judge Burleson says hearings for the other inmate in this case, Donnie Russell Rowe, will start next year.