Here's an update to a story we told you about last month. We told you about some people in Macon's Ingleside neighborhood who are upset about the noise from a kennel on Kerri Fickling's property.

Fickling was supposed to be in Municipal Court Tuesday about a noise complaint. The neighbors showed up, but Fickling did not.

Just before 9 a.m. Tuesday morning, Judge Robert Faulkner said Fickling's attorney requested a continuance on the hearing.

After three years of complaints, neighbors on Ingleside Avenue said when it comes to the Fickling's dogs enough is enough. “They break free and come into our neighborhood and these are not friendly dogs,” said Phil Comer. “They threaten people. They growl at people.”

Phil Comer says the dogs bark. The Ficklings received a noise complaint to stand before a judge on Tuesday. About fifteen neighbors were in the courtroom, wearing ear plugs and buttons that read ‘Move It’ to show their opposition to the kennel. “We have our earplugs for the excessive barking,” said Comer. “We have our badges that say ‘Move It’. Move the dogs.”

The neighbors said they were disappointed that the hearing was pushed back, but they are determined to get the kennel removed from their neighborhood. “We'll have to come back, and we understand that is a common ploy for people to do when there is a lot of interest in a case,” said neighbor Phil Comer. “I don't think we're going to get tired of showing up because we have been enduring this for three years and we're very happy to see something happening.”

We went to the Fickling's home to hear her side of the case. Kerri Fickling did not want to comment. The continuance hearing is scheduled for May 24th.