Heat is building across the area this afternoon with highs soaring into the low and mid 90s.

While this isn't unusual for Middle Georgia this time of year, the humidity has been on the higher side. Dew points are how meteorologists measure the moisture content in the atmosphere. Generally a dew point in the 60s or higher is considered to be a humid airmass. A 70-75 degree dew point is typical of what we experience here in July and August. However, dew points in excess of 75 degrees are not as common and mark an oppressively muggy atmosphere.

When these dew points are combined with air temperatures in the 80s and 90s, heat indices (or feels like temperatures) can easily reach about 95 degrees and sometimes even into the triple digits. This can cause problems for those sensitive to the heat (elderly, children, those with underlying medical issues).

Today, areas around Middle Georgia are expected to see high temperatures in the mid 90s with heat indices between 95 and 105 degrees.

Some good news is in the forecast however. This weekend a cold front is expected to push through the state, ushering in drier air and below normal temperatures with sunshine for the start of next week.