Several high school students said they want to help preserve the Earth, starting with our water system. Our Yvonne Thomas spent some time by the Ocmulgee River with Mount De Sales Academy students who say they're trying to make a difference.

Every day, these AP Environmental students learn about conservation. On Tuesday, Meredith Whitten with the Adopt-a-Stream Program came and spoke to students. “Within our water service outreach we have three programs,” said Whitten. “The one you're learning about today is Georgia Adopt-a-Stream.”

Instructors said the goal is to apply what students have learned in textbooks to real life situations in Macon. Students at Mount de Sales Academy are becoming certified water inspectors through Georgia's Adopt-a-Stream Program.

Mount De Sales students take samples from the Ocmulgee River

Senior Molly Walsh said she’s excited to help. “It's really important due to global warming,” said Walsh. “It's getting really important to protect our environment to know what's going on around us.” Junior Karl Gustafson agrees. “We need to learn to protect our waterways and save them for the future so others can enjoy them as well,” said Gustafson.

With the help of instructors, once a month students will collect water samples and check the waters pH level and temperature for research. “We can use that information to basically get a full picture of what's going on with the Ocmulgee River,” said Mount De Sales teacher Jeff Dadisman.

Instructors said there's several things that can pollute our water system. “I've noticed a significant amount of algae,” said Dadisman. “Just a lot of accumulation of litter and stuff like that.”

Georgia's Adopt-a-Stream program 

But these volunteers agree to help out in any way they can. Every month the students will send their data to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division for inspection.