The 3rd Annual Self Determination Conference was held Saturday at the Anderson Conference Center, and it was free to anyone who wanted to attend.

It was a one-day event that encouraged students with disabilities to come with their support system to explore their options after graduation.

Whether that is going to college or finding a job in the community, speakers were there to give their advice.

Over 140 people showed up to the conference -- making it the biggest turn out they've had.

Laura Sims helps out with the conference and says it's vital for the young adults to know about these resources, but it also helps their parents as well.

"It's a great opportunity for them to network and meet other parents who might be experiencing some of the same challenges or some of the same successes that they are. They develop a network of peers that have like experiences," said Sims.

If you missed the conference you can find out more information and resources by clicking here.