When that Amazon warehouse arrives, County officials expect it will also bring an economic boost to the whole region.

Jacob Reynolds took a look at several other big employers that have come to Bibb in recent years.

John Borders is a butcher's apprentice at Welch's Meats just across from Bass Pro Shops' entrance. Borders says they notice the difference a big store like the Pro Shops makes.

Welch's Meats, across from Bass Pro Shops in north Bibb County. 

“It does benefit us, because of the traffic they bring to the area,” Borders said.

Borders says the meat store opened before the huge sporting goods store and its distribution center moved to north Bibb, but they notice Bass Pro customers Bass visiting their place all the time. Borders has been an apprentice there since January.

“I mean multiple times a week, 5, 6 times. You know a lot of times it's people coming here to get something right after they've left or they say 'alright now I'm going to Bass Pro to get me blah blah blah' you know going fishing or hunting. I mean definitely every week,” Borders said.

In inventory tax payments alone, Bass Pro Shops has paid more than $540,000 to Bibb County. Bass Pro has made other payments as well, according to Tax Commissioner Wade McCord’s office.

It’s not the only company that has created a lot of jobs here.

In 2016, Kumho Tires announced they were bringing 450 jobs. This year, Irving Consumer Products management said they'd bring more than 200 when their factory is complete.

Kohl's announced it’d be bringing 200 to Bibb County when it opened here in 2003.

And for small businesses like Welch's Meats, they make a difference.

“A lot of their employees shop over here, they love our jerky, they love our summer sausage, it's good having it here close by,” Borders said.

Tractor Supply, Sara Lee and Nichiha also brought hundreds of jobs here. Overall, more than 1,700 jobs have come to Bibb County since Kohl’s announcement in 2003.