It took awhile to get the word out, but Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill Friday announced the Christmas Eve 2017 arrest of two people who allegedly stole more than 10,000 packages.

A statement from Hill's office said the truckload full of packages, with Amazon labels on them, was discovered as deputies went to arrest Ronald Lee Durden on a probation violation at his home in Forest Park.

Deputies said when they arrived, they found Durden and his girlfriend Stephanie Ford unloading the packages from a large white box truck at the front door of the house. They later learned the truck had been stolen from Durden's employer.

More stolen packages were also found behind Durden's home and in a storage facility. eputies estimated the total value of the stolen goods at more than $500,000.

The packages were returned to Amazon in hopes they could be resent to the proper recipients.

Durden and Ford were taken to the Clayton County Jail on charges of theft by receiving stolen property. Their cases were bound over to Superior Court earlier this month.

The Sheriff's Office explained the delay in announcing their arrests by saying investigators needed time to determine if the duo had any accomplices, and an announcement might've hindered that investigation.