A couple of months back, you voted on some of your favorite places to grab barbecue.

We listened, and Suzanne Lawler hit the road to savor the best of the best in a segment we called Barbecue Bosses.

One of the places has racked up a few honors over the last eight weeks or so.

Gary and Dionn Lanton own and run the Holy Smokes Barbecue Truck.

Recently, the Barbecue News listed their place as one of the best in the country.

"I got the newspaper and then I noticed, 'Oh, we were awarded the best of the best,' like I didn't even know," Dionn said with a smile.

Another sweet reward came when the couple that got married 13 years ago squealed their way to the top of the competition ranks.

They beat out 177 other crews to earn Team of the Year in the Georgia Barbeque Circuit.

"People see we're competing against these other professionals and winning, and that gives you serious street cred right there," Gary said.

Sure, the hardware and the newsprint mean something, but for regulars like Clint Hall who come two to three times a week, maybe it's less about street cred and more about customer appreciation.

"One of the things I love about these guys is if they're trying a new sauce, if they're going to glaze their chicken, whatever, they'll ask their customers," Clint said. "And I'll think he hit it out of the ballpark and he'll say, 'What if we do this subtle difference?' and I'll try that and it makes all the difference in the world," which is a true recipe for success.

"Like the 100-degree heat in the food truck, all the long lines, and all the chaos makes it all worthwhile, you know when people notice you're putting the hard work in," Gary said with a grin.

Gary and Dionn say they are thinking about opening up a second food truck and they'd like to keep it in the Laurens County area.

If you would like to visit Holy Smokes, they're located at 402 Industrial Boulevard in Dublin.