The signs dot the landscape along the Macon Ocmulgee Heritage trail.

You'll see make-shift camps built by homeless people with only the barest necessities.

Robert was there Thursday. He was sleeping right under the Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge.

"Since it's windy, that wall brought me here," he said referring to the concrete wall that holds up the bridge. "It helps protect the wind from my face."

Robert is also protective of his past, not divulging what led him to be homeless and sleeping on a slab of concrete.

"I don't have an answer for that," he said.

Robert is one of dozens of people who live in this area under the bridge.

A homeless person in a sleeping bag near Macon's Ocmulgee Heritage Trail. Mayor Robert Reichert is having all of the homeless removed from the park Monday, he said.

Macon-Bibb Mayor Robert Reichert is seeking to change that. He said all of the homeless people in this area need to be out by Monday.

If not, he's going to have them removed.

“If those that need help as we go out three times during this week and provide notice of when we’re coming to clean up and move everything out also offer information about where they can obtain assistance, travel, medical, housing, food, location or whatever they need to try to direct them to the appropriate resources,” Reichert told 13WMAZ Tuesday.

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Brittany Scheiman, 20, was one of the dozen living near the trail. She's still homeless, but now she said she stays on private property.

Scheiman said many of the homeless people chose the trail because it's the safest place.

She knows a lot of folks who still live there, she said.

"... There was no problems down there. It was like what they call the safest place to live." she said. "Now it's all of a sudden the homeless people are the worst people on the planet and they're making everybody move from the river. Some of these people have been there for three or four years."

A makeshift tent near Macon's Ocmulgee Heritage Trail. About 90 homeless people live there. Macon Mayor Robert Reichert said he's having all of them removed.