One woman is doing what she can to help concerned families and friends at hospitals in Central Georgia.

We asked her why she helps, and her answer came Straight from the Heart.

Sheila Barthel has been visiting hospitals since February.

Every time she visits, she brings goodie bags with her.

She gives the bags to families and friends of patients because she's been in their shoes.

"Because I have been in that waiting room, sometimes I have run out of money, didn't have anything, but one thing about the Lord, he always sent me somebody to give me something," says Barthel.

Her goodie bags have snacks, prayers, and activity books in them.

She says it's her way of comforting people concerned about loved ones.

"You know, you've got to give to people, you know, to love one another, because I love everybody. I love everybody. I love people, I love talking to them. So give out a little bit and help someone else," Barthel says.

One of the people she helped was LaMarkius Lawrence.

His daughter was in a car accident and he hasn't left her side since.

He appreciated the gift and visit.

"That was good for real, for real, because you know most people don't do that, just be giving stuff away. You know, like unless they can get a tax write-off or something, they'll usually come around. But most people don't do that. That was real nice of her, for real," says Lawrence.

So far she's brought more than $2,000 goodie bags to area hospitals, and she has no plans to stop anytime soon.

If you'd like to help Barthel with her goodie bags, send donations to:

Sheila Barthel

Goodie Bag Donations

P.O. Box 33

Barnesville, Ga. 30204