An old car club from Jones County plans to bring back a bit of nostalgia this weekend.

They're rolling into the parking lot of Sid's Sandwich Shop on Forsyth Street Saturday.

The spot isn't a just good place for car show, but the perfect spot for this group to recall some teenage memories.

"Well, this was back in '69," says Jones County Cruisers member Tim Stewart as he looks at a painting hanging inside the restaurant. "This is a lot of our club members as we looked back in the day."

Stewart fondly remembers those days, when he cruised the streets of Macon.

"That's what we done every Friday and Saturday night. We'd circle through here, stop a little while and eat and hang out, then go ride Cherry Street," says Stewart. "Come back and do the Pig'n Whistle, and then come back here. That was just a routine that we done every week."

Stewart and his friends were regulars at the old Varsity Drive-in, Now Sid's Sandwich Shop.

"Young men would come out here to show off their hot vehicles," says Bob Berg, owner of Sid's Sandwich Shop. "And they'd be cruising, looking for girls and girls looking for guys. Even now, I have couples that come in here and say 'this is where I met my wife' or 'this is where I met my husband.'"

Now, the Jones County Cruisers continue that tradition, by showing off their rides at the place that started it all.

"Well, you just think about back when you was young and all," says Bobby Upchurch. "How popular the cars were back then."

"Everybody hung out here. All our friends hung out here," says Ed Elliott. "There'd be a hundred people here."

"Well, it was just a place to congregate," says Dale Stewart. "As long as you stayed in your cars, you know, we weren't allowed to get outside. You get run off doing that."

And for Stewart, he's just reliving the glory days.

"Kind makes you feel like you're back, 18 years old again. Good fellowship with good friends. And you get to show off your workmanship on these vehicles that we've restored."

The Old Varsity Drive-In Reunion is Saturday at Sid's on Forsyth Street.

Registration begins at 9 a.m., judging starts at noon, and awards will be handed out at 2 p.m.

Registration is $20 and proceeds benefit Margie Fitzpatrick.

She's a 13WMAZ employee battling leukemia.