With Christmas right around the corner, Houston County 911 wants to make sure no one is left behind during the holiday season.

Our Nicole Butler met up with the dispatchers as they went to Antebellum Grove Senior Living and dropped off handmade gifts that came Straight from the Heart.

Packing up baskets, Veronica Edens says every year Houston County 911 gives out Christmas cards to the elderly, but this year they wanted to kick it up a notch.

"So this year we just wanted something more personal, something more that they can see that was actually made for them that was specially crafted," Edens said.

So 15 dispatchers came together and crafted over 600 handmade ornaments.

"It's basically to let the residents know that they aren't forgotten. I know that sometimes when they are in a nursing home or they are alone, they don't have many family that are with them during the holidays and we want to make sure that they still have some people who care about them," Edens said.

At Antebellum Grove Senior Living, Joyce Redmond says this surprise means the world to them.
"Oh [I’m] thrilled that anybody cared enough of me to make me an ornament that's super, super good. We love having somebody to come and to bring us anything, we don't care, we'll take it," Redmond said.

Redmond received an angel and says she's not letting it out of her sight.

"I'm not going to put mine on this tree, I'm going to leave it right here. That's my transportation right there and my little ornament" she said.

Edens says it's amazing that something so small can make a big impact.

"Seeing them smile and get that little bit of Christmas back in their life and that makes them so happy; we leave there knowing that we made some sort of impact for that day," Edens said.

Redmond says she hopes more people come and visit them at the center and she looks forward to this surprise being a yearly visit from the 911 dispatchers.