A Houston County group is trying to make sure no one forgets prisoners of war or those missing in action.

Jacob Reynolds talked to the non-profit about why they want to put a spotlight on those who couldn't come home.

Rolling Thunder Georgia Chapter 3 is part of the larger non-profit, Rolling Thunder, that wants to spread the word about prisoners of war and those missing in action.

Chapter President Buster Hickam says he had seen families struggle to get help for their missing men and women.

“So, we decided we need to do something. Maybe there's a person right across the street from us that needs a shoulder to- needs someone to talk to, needs somebody to be on their team. That's what caused us to jump on board,” Hickam said leaning against his motorcycle.

Even though the non-profit is called Rolling Thunder, motorcycles aren’t required.

But, Hickam’s leather vest was covered with POW and MIA patches, and “Rolling Thunder” is emblazoned across the back.

The local chapter formed in 2010, by 2012 they started dedicating POW/MIA flags and Chairs of Honor at various businesses and public places across the county and state.

Hickam says before they started, POW/MIA flags were rare.

“There was only four flags here in Warner Robins and they were all located at somebody's house. Either a prisoner of war's house, or missing in action, or just a service member and we said you know we need to do something better than this,” Hickam said.

So far this summer, they've dedicated chairs at Warner Robins City Hall and the Houston County Board of Commissioners. They’ve also dedicated flags at Houston Medical Center, Perry Hospital, and the County Superior Courthouse in Perry.

David Wilson, a Vietnam veteran who now lives in Warner Robins, says the dedications are appreciated.

“I feel sorrow that they haven't all come back. I feel joy because Rolling Thunder is bringing this to the attention of the people. And normally when I come up here, I will salute that flag and that chair,” Wilson said.

Chair of Honor 

It's an empty chair for those missing, it’s a flag of remembrance, and it’s a mission that isn't finished.

So far, they've dedicated 57 flags and 9 Chairs of Honor in the Houston County area. They often share photos of their new dedications on their Facebook page.

Hickam said their next target is Bibb County. If you're interested in donating or purchasing a flag for your business or home, you can email the charity at "rolling.thunder.ga3@gmail.com."