Houston County is still working to clean up debris left over from Tropical Storm Irma.

Director of Operations for the county, Robbie Dunbar, says they are working as quickly as they can to complete a thorough first sweep of the county.

A Houston County Public Works crew is working to clear debris along with the county’s contracted trash-removal company, Advanced Disposal.

The Public Works crews are currently operating in the northern portion of the county and Advanced Disposal is working in the south, according to Dunbar.

Dunbar says they have a weekly progress meeting to coordinate clean-up efforts.

However, he says the project can be time consuming based on the particular street or neighborhood.

For example, he said the Public Works crew turned into one subdivision on Monday where every other home had debris curbside for pick-up.

The debris itself also can cause headaches. Based on weight and size it can limit what the different crews are able to pick up and remove.

The county has assigned two grapple trucks, six dump trucks, and another dump truck with an attached wood chipper to the project, according to Dunbar. County inmates are running the wood chipper.

He also said Advanced Disposal is using two grapple trucks and two rear-end loading dump trucks. Dunbar says Advanced Disposal is doing clean-up work on Saturdays as well, which is not a normal work day for the company.

Dunbar says the first sweep of the county should be completed sometime in-between the end of October and mid-November. Then, he says if it’s needed, they’ll go back to areas needing additional pick-ups.