A Houston County dad is warning others about the recent overdose epidemic after his son ended up in the hospital.

Tony Gockman posted a photo on Facebook this week of his oldest son in a hospital bed.

The text reads, “For those that hasn’t read the Percocet epidemic. Look it up on WMAZ. This is my oldest son… Came into the ER, unresponsive and barely breathing. Parents… pay attention ur kids, and their friends.”

Over Facebook, Gockman said his 21-year-old son, Tyler, is alert and responding. He was even able to stand on Thursday. He was originally in the intensive care unit, but is now in a regular room at the hospital.

However, Gockman says his son is suffering short term memory loss. He says the reason for that has not been explained.

“It's like the movie, 50 First Dates. If he goes to sleep and wakes up, he remembers absolutely no events,” Gockman told WMAZ in a Facebook message.

“He’s 1 of the lucky ones,” he ended his message.

The family says they will do their best to help law enforcement, otherwise they asked for privacy while their son is healing.

Tyler will be 22 on June 22nd.