As emergency responders are preparing for Wednesday's severe weather, Houston County EMA Director, Jimmy Williams, wants to remind everyone to seek safe shelter. 

"Most of our crews tonight will be making sure that their grading equipment and backhoes and everything else are ready to go, topped off with fuel and everything, their chainsaws are ready to go," says Williams. 

Tuesday afternoon, Williams held a "severe weather briefing" for emergency responders.

"Our biggest concern is the potential for tornadoes," says Williams. 

Williams says on Monday, Houston County had 62 incidents from the severe weather, including downed power lines and trees that fell onto homes, and Wednesday's storms have the potential to be worse than Monday's. 

Williams says if you don't have somewhere safe to go, try a a commercial business or retail store. 

"All of our retail facilities here have very good tornado plans. I've heard multiple times in the last couple of tornadoes we've had that they've put their plan and folks into the right locations," says Williams. 

One of those places? Chick-Fil-A on Highway 96. 

"We took all of our customers and all of our team members to our kitchen area. That's where we can hold the most people and have the most security in our store," says store manager, Chase Thacker.

Thacker said that's what his store did when Houston County experienced severe storms in January. On Monday, they did it again, also putting customers into bathrooms to ensure safety. 

On Wednesday, Thacker says the same rules apply. 

"If you're in the area and need to seek shelter, stay warm, you want a warm meal, just go ahead and come on in and we will provide the shelter that's needed to stay out of the store," says Thacker. 

Williams says you can also try other places like Walmart, shopping malls, and churches. He says if there is significant damage to homes from the storms, Houston County will open public shelters.