A Houston County gymnast is headed to the state meet this weekend, and she's already ranked among the top gymnasts in the nation.

Chelsea Beimfohr caught up with 9-year-old Rose Bolden at "Punch Front" Gym to ask how she's preparing for the competition.

Only a year and a half into gymnastics training, some people might call Rose a "rookie," but her scores indicated that she's more like an "old pro."

Last month, Rose competed at a meet in Savannah, Ga. where she scored a perfect 10 on the bars. Now she is ranked "number one" in the event at mymeetscores.com , which ranks gymnasts from across the nation.

She's also ranked 7th on the America's Top 100 All Around list.

Seayrra Biggs, and gym owner Chrystie McIlwain, have been coaching Rose since the beginning. They say she's grown not only as a gymnast, but as a leader.

"Her dedication to be here makes everybody want to work hard and it's so, so important that you have that because it feeds off of everybody else. Everybody wants to work hard because she works hard and it's just amazing," says Biggs.

But what's even more amazing is Rose's humbling outlook on the sport.

"I keep practicing. I still finish strong. I pray, and I pray that God keeps his hands over me," says Rose.

If Rose places in the top 6 at state this weekend, she will earn a spot on the "state team" and represent Georgia in the Region 8 championships.