Houston County now has an award-winning water tank. The county’s water tower near Houston County High School is now a people's choice award winner for Tank of the Year in 2016.

Tnemec has been picking the Tank of the Year since 2006. Most of the people 13WMAZ spoke with on Wednesday hadn’t heard of the company.

After 10 days of voting, Tnemec announced that Houston County had won the people’s choice portion of the award.

In the county, they're overflowing with pride in their tank being top.

“It just stands out. It shows, you know, our patriotism as far as paying attention to our county and what it's about. I just, I like it,” said Valeria Doyle.

She's not the only one.

“Really makes me proud. We've been in the Air Force, we're retired now. And I just love seeing it, anything with the flag,” explained Marilyn Seddon.

“This one is special because it has to do with the military,” said Marv Murdoch.

The county painted the tank this year after approving the roughly $56,000 plan in 2015.

Besides, when you pay thousands of dollars for makeup, it's probably nice to win the occasional beauty contest.

The county could still potentially win one more prize. Tnemec is announcing the official overall Tank of the Year on Friday.